Tuesday, October 28, 2008

We Are Furnished!

Today was like Christmas morning in October - our furniture finally came! Here are the before and after photos of the living room and dining room. I'm in love with all of it!

Living Room When We First Moved In:

Living Room With A Little Paint:

Furnished Living Room:

Dining Room When We First Moved In:

Dining Room With A Little Paint:

Furnished Dining Room:

And of course a picture of Miss Molly checking it all out:

I'm so happy with the results - everything worked out just as I planned. Just need to add my artwork and some curtains (and a TV in the living room) and we'll be all set. Now I'm going to finish up some work and looking forward to a night of catching up on some long overdue reading on my new couch!


Anonymous said...

Enjoy all your new furniture- especially the comfy couch!

Jenn said...

Nice furniture! Can't wait to see it! :)

catdoggg said...

hallelujah! looks good liz- more like home.

Kristi said...

I am so envious of all your living room space. I love the colors you've chosen. Your house looks great!