Friday, May 23, 2008

Long Live the Long Weekend

For me it’s only a few hours until the long holiday weekend. I can’t help but love the fact my company closes early the day before a holiday or the Friday before a long weekend. It’s definitely a perk. And while I was overjoyed waiting for the weekend to be here to lounge, read, plant some flowers and just relax, I’ve managed (as always) to put a bit more on my plate then I may be able to chew.

When we leave here at noon my co-worker and I are heading to the flower center to do our annual plant buying. While last year I bought everything at once and immediately felt overwhelmed by everything I had. This year I actually have a plan. I’m going to deal with the flower garden to the right of my front stairs and then the area at the bottom of the stairs at the corner of our white picket fence. Easy enough. Two smallish projects to begin and then I’ll work my way around the house the next few weeks. Later tonight C and I are going to a fundraiser for someone he works with.

Tomorrow I have to go to my grandmother’s and pick up the few things I left behind. So I’m hoping to do that first thing. Then at noon I’m meeting a woman who owns a consignment shop in my area to bring down a load of clothes. Hold your breath ladies I’ve finally come to the realization I have more clothes than anyone could ever need. Whether it’s something I finally realized myself or whether it stems from watching my mom and dad back bag after bag after bag of Nana’s clothes’ collection – whatever is the reason I have decided to make a big dent in what I have. So far I have two contractor bags going to the Salvation Army and two for the consignment shop. She’s willing to take 30 pieces from me on Saturday and right now is looking for capris, tank tops, summer dresses, sandals, etc… Easy enough! I had two Rubbermaid containers filled with these items that simply JUST DON’T FIT anymore. Regina keeps telling me I should just go into business myself and while I’d love to there’s no way I could find the time or extra funds to open a storefront, but man I certainly wouldn’t need any inventory. That’s for sure!

Oh and planting – I want to plant mid-day Saturday, along with trying out my latest dessert recipe on C. The last two weren’t so good so maybe the third time’s the charm? (everyone cross your fingers)

Other chores on deck this lovely holiday weekend? Getting everything that’s going into the attic out of cardboard boxes and into Rubbermaid containers and determining which items will live up there permanently as those are going in first. And somehow, someway, getting the furniture I’ve chosen out of Nana’s house and over to ours.

And I guess by the time that’s all said and done it will be Tuesday morning. Did I really just get back from vacation less than two weeks ago? Because I could really use another.

Happy Memorial Day everyone!

P.S. In case you’re keeping track. Molly had another horrifying vomiting episode yesterday when we were at work. Similar to the type she did before I started spending $100+ each month on medication. Help!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

For Katy :-)

Who unfortunately didn't get to stay for our entire Austin trip! Love you!

Katy and Mike

Katy and I at the airport waiting for the fun to begin

What Do I Want to Be When I Grow Up?

What Do I Want to Be When I Grow Up?

I know, it’s an odd question for someone who has been cultivating her journalism career since she was 16. Twenty-two years later I’m the executive editor in charge of a pretty successful publication geared toward design engineers. Who am I kidding? We are one of the company’s flagship publications. I have a great staff, a wonderful group of co-workers and of course an office with a door and a window (took me years to get this).

But at times, while I know (and I’m not being conceited it’s truth) I am one of the best damn managing/executive editors out there, my ability to be challenged is coming into play once again.

When I first came on board more than two years ago, I made some changes, that after six months started to make all the difference. Everyone is on a schedule, editors make deadlines, production is handled in a professional and organized manner and my editorial department really does run like a well-oiled machine. I take pride in what I do. I take it personally and at times let my professional life bleed over into my personal life. Anyone who knows me knows I spend way too much time at night and on the weekends putting out fires on my Blackberry and answering emails from editors and vendors.

Which brings me to the latest. I’m fed up with some things going on currently in my position. Nothing that can’t be changed, I’m just at a point where if it was any other situation I’d say I was in a funk. But I know it’s not a funk and therefore it’s not something I need to “snap out of.” What I may need is a change or an added direction to my career path.

I’m working on a strategy of what I’m going to do and what I want to do next and hopefully I can make that all happen here at my current employer. I want to get more involved in other aspects of publishing, while keeping up with what I’m doing. The perils of running a well-oiled machine is that when things are running super smoothly you can find yourself with a lot of downtime – something I do not handle well. I like to be busy. I love a challenge and I’m always willing to push myself further toward any goal dangled in front of me.

Now I have to put my plan into action, make sure it’s attainable and see how I can make myself a better me.

Quick Molly Update: My kitty managed to go three full weeks with no vomiting! It’s a record, although she did break the record yesterday. But I have to tell you it feels nice to have her warm little furry body in the crook of my arm all night long. I swear it helps me sleep better at night.

Monday, May 12, 2008

To Not Work

So I’ve been back to work barely one day and I’m wondering what it would be like to be a lady of leisure? (this working stuff is for the birds especially after coming off a week's vacation) Of course I can’t seem to control my spending with a salary, so I’m not sure if this is something that would work out if I had no salary to spend. Either way, it’s a nice pipe dream. Sigh.

I'm back!

It’s Monday and I’m back at work after being off a week (sigh). C and I and three other couples were in Austin, Texas and I have to say we had a really great time! I’ve posted some photos below.

Now back to reality. (and a long overdue update)

Molly finally seems to be getting better. She survived the six nights being boarded at the vet while we were away and this time she got a great review. She was social and sweet and the cat I know she is, not the monster that stayed there for a weekend late last month.

I spent all day Saturday at my grandmother’s house cleaning out some more stuff that had to go and going through things with my family to determine what we want to keep versus what we are going to have the Estate guy come and take off our hands. He’s coming by tonight to do that. I swear it’s the greatest thing ever. He’ll take everything from furniture to rugs, to lamps, to clothes. Can’t beat it. We also found out after the fact of course, that he would even do a “clean out” for us, but as you know my mom and I spent a significant amount of time over there doing that ourselves. Oh well, at least we have comfort in knowing it’s all set.

Yesterday was basically gearing up to get back into the groove at work. It’s been a while since I’ve taken a whole week off so my goal was to unpack a few boxes (because in case I haven’t mentioned it – with everything going on we are still living among boxes) and then just get organized.

Oh and Kristi and Sarah you’d be proud of me. The other day I took my KitchenAid mixer by the horns and made my first cake from scratch! I have to say it came out pretty good!