Friday, March 30, 2007

Shopaholic with No Space to Store

While I'll continue to blog about the goings-on in my world, I've decided to focus a little more on my biggest obsession - clothes. Now I know lots of people have this problem, but those closest to me will tell you I have a serious (perhaps even commitable) problem.

The last time I moved I went from a two bedroom apartment with three closets (would you believe one bedroom actually had two?) to an apartment with barely one. That was interesting. I recently moved again, into a house with my significant other, and while three of the four bedrooms each boast their own closet, for me it still doesn't help.

I have the largest closet to house my clothing, shoe and pocketbook collection. And yet somehow it still isn't big enough. I did manage to take half the closet in another bedroom, and C discovered this week that little by little articles of my clothing are creeping into his closet (which he pulled out and put on my side of the bed last night to be moved to their personal location). Subtle. Afterall, how much room would two blazers, a blouse and a sweater really take up?

Thing is - I have a ton of clothes. To the point that I still have three containers full of clothes from the current season that still have not been put away. Two dressers apparently isn't enough room for them all.

Add to that the 35+ pairs of shoes I moved - which honestly need a closet of their own, and my 30+ pocketbook collection and I think you get the idea.

I keep hoping once I pack up all my winter gear and put it in the attic for the spring and summer it will at least open up some room for my spring and summer wardrobe. (which I love because those clothes take up far less space than my ever-growing sweater collection).

My problem is I rarely throw out clothing or shoes for that matter. You lose a button, you replace it. A zipper breaks, you replace it. And shoes - lets just say the local cobbler is my best friend. He can put on new heels, fix rips, resole - you name it - all for a quarter of the price of a new pair. Did I mention that although I'm constantly buying clothes I'm super cheap - love a sale - and then have trouble justifying either giving it away or tossing it?

You live and learn. I'm hoping to make some super progress this weekend packing some stuff away and trying to find a home for my bags. Up until a couple of weeks ago they were in a giant human-being sized rubbermaid container in my attic - but that makes it a little difficult if you want to start swapping out pocketbooks. Now they are sitting on the floor in the middle of one of our spare bedrooms. They are not happy.

Now to figure out what to do with the major shopping spree of clothing I recently went on - lets just say that stuff is still in their shopping bags. Oops!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Can Anyone Help Me Out?

Here's a question - you probably noticed I changed the name of my blog. Now I want to change the address - but my question to all of you is if I do change the address of my blog how do I notify all of you what it is now or do you all need e-mails?

Monday, March 26, 2007

Molly Mahem

It was NOT a good morning at our house this morning, and unfortunately it all came down on C. Literally.

He got up an hour before me (6 a.m.) as usual to get ready for work and today he was working a double shift. He was in the kitchen when Miss Molly decided to leave him a really nasty little gift. (I know what you are thinking and believe me I would have much prefered she left him a dead mouse - but she didn't).

Due to our current lack of counter space (which will be negated once we redo the kitchen sometime this year), our microwave sits high on top of our refrigerator. Well this morning, that's where Molly was - sitting on the microwave way up on top of the fridge when she - yep - puked all over. Down the front of the microwave, down the front of the fridge, down the side of the fridge and into every crack and crevice between top and bottom! Needless to say C was no pleased by any stretch of the imagination.

And we were all doing so well together, now she's taken us a major leap backward. C may not get over this for a while. Which I can't blame him.

Worst part - he comes up to wake me after this whole disaster and of course at this point I'm half awake after hearing major profanities coming from downstairs even though I was still in a slumber. He comes in to tell me what happened, completely pissed off and (I can't believe I did this) but I started laughing, but was smart enough to turn my face into the pillow since he didn't notice.

Note to C: Baby, if you are reading this I love you - and please consider it no different than the projectile vomiting experience we had with the cat at my place back before I was moving. If I recall correctly you laughed hysterically about that for a long, long time.

And the saga continues...

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Rant Explained

OK since I got lots of e-mails from you guys asking me what is going on I'm going to try to explain without being too long winded because frankly I'm just tired.

My family is waiting for my grandmother to be called to move into the elderly (senior housing). She's still currently living in the enormous house she's been in for the past 50 something years. Once she moves, it will be cleaned up a bit and put on the market. Fine. She's happy with the idea, everyone is happy with the idea it's great. Great for her because she'll be safer and great for all of us because we won't have to deal with the household issues anymore because frankly the house is far too large and too grand for one person, even for two.

There is this guy. This super scummy asshole of a guy who we had our first run in with more than a decade ago. It was back then that my grandmother's club was hosting a yard sale to raise money and they did it at her house. There was all sorts of stuff for sale and some of it was good stuff - almost antique worthy or at the very least held family memories. When we figured that out my brother and I each took a box so it wouldn't be sold to some yard sale urchin. Well this guy was there around the same time - told my grandmother he'd give her a pittance for a boatload of stuff and left smiling. I knew then he was up to no good.

Then, she calls him out of the blue a couple of months ago when the decision's been made that she'll move (and I'm telling you - it could be a year before that happens). Keep in mind, to protect her my dad told her not to tell anyone she was moving. Well she calls this scumbag (I know there are harsher words for him, but I digress) and he's there with a friend of his. He wants the house (for a walk I'm sure) and his friend is giving her prices on the furniture).It was insane. I talked to her about it and tried to explain this type of person isn't out there to help her, they are out to make money. Nothing. Fine. So I get his name and number, dad calls him and tells him to back off, he says he will that he doesn't want to get involved. Great.

Fast forward to last week. He's there. I see him there when I stop by to check out what needed to be shoveled after it snowed. And he has the balls to inform me he checks on her multiple times a week because she's all alone and no one is ever there. I'm there every day and there are others that come by multiple times a week as well. And sure enough, my grandmother tells someone the next day he wants the house. The guy is an ass.

When I was first living there he used to come by occasionally and even ask if she was still alive. I gave him a piece of my mind one late night when he rang the doorbell and told him to never darken our doorway again and that the house was off limits to him. He disappeared for a number of years and now he's back.

Now it's not just me being paranoid or stereotyping this asshole. I've talked to a couple other people in the area, both have had several run-ins with this individual and they t0o think he is a scary, no-good, up to something piece of shit.

And that folks is most of what that rant was about. There's more, but I think that should be enough to answer some questions for now.

Thanks for caring and thanks for letting me vent.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


You know what I can't stand - people who can't stay the hell out of other people's business. And the only thing worse than that are the vultures who come out of the woodwork and prey on those who are totally unaware they are being preyed on. People who have no moral values whatsoever and will do whatever it takes to get what they want from someone: valuables, homes, money, etc... no matter the cost.

What's even worse is when one of these many individuals involved are family members. Not immediate, not even next generation, but a generation after that (and yes I'm talking about a specific situation here folks, but I'm not getting into the depths of it).

Add to the mix nosey neighbors trying to get it on it, along with your average sleezy scumbag in town, and man I'm telling you - it's enough to drive anyone crazy!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Mid-March Funk

I felt bad that I was in a rut for so long and hadn't posted a thing until I looked around me and saw nearly everyone else I know with a blog is going through the same thing. Maybe it's anticipation of spring blog sputter or something. I'm really not sure. My life has not been super exciting as of late. Probably why I haven't written anything.

One of my employees left and a new one came on board all in the past few weeks. Nikki (a great friend and a wonderful employee) has moved on. She's definitely missed but with e-mail and phone it's never like anyone is far away anymore is it? Jenn (another great friend and former co-worker) came on board a week ago and has been steller ever since. Good thing too because in this business if you don't get it - it simply doesn't happen. Plus it's fun to have a great team to work with and when you pick the right people with the right skillset and the ability to fit in perfectly with the entire group - you're golden :-).

Molly and C have finally meshed and are living together well. (although there was an incident Sunday night but I think they are both over it - well, I know Molly is).

Mom and dad are good. Nana has adjusted to the fact she is moving and seems almost chipper as she plows through 60 years of stuff to give away, sell and Lord only knows what else to do with. My brother and the baby are also doing very well.

Other than that it's pretty lame - but then again, no news is good news right?

I promise once this funk passes, I'll be back up and running and posting as much as possible.

Until then.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

I Can't Even Begin to Understand

Again, I have fallen into the realm of those who thrive on celebrity gossip. I fear it's an addiction I may never be able to break. But then again, I wouldn't be posting it here if others didn't feel the same way.

In case you missed it, this is the deal today:

Tom Brady (NE Football Quarterback and soon to be father to ex-girlfriend Bridget Moynahan's baby) could be doing it again. Apparently a Brazilian celebrity website called Glamuram is reporting that Brady's lastest flame, Gisele Bundchen, is also carrying his child. Lovely. Hasn't anyone heard of birth control??!!??

Then, and this is great - another celebrity website is reporting that OJ Simpson now says he might be the father of Anna Nicole Smith's daughter. and that although he hadn't seen her in quite some time he has "slow moving sperm" and therefore could be the baby's daddy.

What the heck is wrong with the world?

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Mega Millions Fever Hits Home

Dad called last night all excited that Fox 25 News came by the store to film people selling and buying tickets for the more than $300 million Mega Millions jackpot. (I wasn't so shocked because their studio is right around the corner from our store, but I digress). Here's the video - check it out - he's toward the end of the it. Wearing a maroon sweater and talking.

For Your Entertainment Pleasure

Check out my brother's blog with a video montage of photos and video from Saturday's birthday party here!


Monday, March 05, 2007

Scenes from Baby's First Birthday

I'm the prince and it's my birthday!

Hamming it up with Daddy.

Baby's First Birthday Cake.

Me and Nana.

I really like this cake stuff and I'll be up ALL night!

Scenes from Baby's First Birthday

Why should I get my hands dirty?

Photo opportunity with Mommy and Daddy.

I love presents and I know how to open them!

My new friend!

And ...

In case you were wondering how Molly is doing with her transition. She's doing just fine. In fact, she spends the majority of her day in this position in this location.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Happy Birthday Baby Anthony!

Tomorrow is a big day for our clan - Baby Anthony turns a year old! I still can't believe it.

Here's a look back:

Interesting ... offers several tips on how to get your cat to sleep through the night in it's "Top 10 Ways to Avoid Cat-Related Sleep Deprivation" Here's what is says and my thoughts on whether this is something that could work for us, or isn't even an option:

"Does your cat constantly wake you at night by either playing on the bed, waking you to be fed, or wanting cuddle time when all you want is sleep? Many people with sleeping disorders have problems going back to sleep after being awakened by a cat. There is no need to suffer from cat-related sleep deprivation. Try one or more of these suggestions to get a full night's sleep, and still give your cat the attention he needs.

1) Give Your Cat His Own Bed
If you already have a sleeping disorder, it is best that you never encourage your cat to sleep on your bed. This means making your bedroom off-limits at all times. Once a cat finds your bed a comfortable place to snooze during the day, he will automatically want to sleep with you at night. Give kitty a comfortable bed in a spare room, corner of the living room (with a screen for privacy), or even a bathroom. If necessary, rub a bit of catnip on the bed initially, to encourage him to use it.

Molly has several places to sleep and I think just prefers to be whereever we are. She even has a chair in the corner of the room, that, when it's not covered in clothes she's afraid of because when she jumps on it it spins a bit.

2) Schedule Playtime Before Bed
Cats are normally nocturnal animals. They sleep all day and play or hunt all night. You can help readjust their schedules by scheduling an interactive play period of at least 15 minutes before bedtime, with a toy such as da Bird. Follow the play sessions with a snack for kitty and a warm bath for yourself. Both of you will feel more like sleeping when you are through.

Ok, I can definitely try this one.

3) Close the Bedroom Door
A determined cat might scratch at the door for awhile, but he will eventually give up and either go to sleep or find some other activity. You can help prevent damage to the door by either mounting a vertical scratch pad on it, trimming his nails, or using Soft Claws.

We can't do this until the doors are ready to be hung. Stay tuned.

4) Use Earplugs
If his scratching at the door keeps you awake, even though he eventually stops, use earplugs. Swimmers' earplugs effective seal the ear canal and should give you some sleep relief

This would work, but then we couldn't monitor what she's trying to destroy and don't want that to happen.

5) Use Ocean Sounds or White Noise
There are a number of commercial products on the market for peaceful sounds that will help you sleep (with the cat on the other side of the door). You can select from bird sounds, ocean/waterfall sounds, or just "white noise," and earphones will help amplify and enhance the sleep-inducing effects.

Again, no door.

6) If He's Home Alone, Adopt a Second Cat
A single cat may easily become bored at home alone all day, and rightfully will expect his human companion to give him attention in the evening and at night. A second cat will give him companionship of his own kind to keep him happy during the day, and will lessen those nocturnal urges to wake you for play. This is especially true with kittens, who have much more excess energy to burn during their first year of growth. Two kittens are almost always better than one.


7) Darken the Room
If you are only bothered by those pouncing, biting attacks at your toes at night, use those room-darkening shades to completely darken the room. Replace the digital or florescent dial clocks by the bedside. Although cats can see in very low light, they cannot see in total darkness. (They'll also be more inclined to go to sleep.)

This is interesting and something I did not know.

8) Don't Give In To Food Demands
If your sleep annoyance is those little pitty-pats or nose bumps to your cheeks in early morning hours when kitty thinks it's time for breakfast, don't allow her to train you. Tell her firmly, "no!," then cover your head with the sheet, blanket, or even pillow, if necessary. When your own clock (internal or table model) tells you it's time to wake up, feed her immediately. She'll soon learn that breakfast is served on your schedule rather than hers.

We don't

9) Try a Temporary Sleep Aid
Drink a glass of warm milk flavored with a drop of vanilla after your bath. If that doesn't help, as a last resort, ask your doctor to prescribe a mild sedative to help you sleep. It doesn't necessarily have to be something that will "knock you out for the count," but a mild relaxant should do the trick. You should consider this only a temporary solution as your feline nocturnal training progresses.

It's not either of us that needs the sedative, it's Miss Molly!

10) Establish a Predictable Schedule
Cats do not like surprises, and are most happy when their household revolves around a predictable schedule. Giving them a set time for food, safe outdoor play, interactive play, grooming, and petting will go a long way toward maintaining their well-being and giving you a good night's sleep, every night.

Well this is worth a shot!"

What Gives?

Who would have thought that after moving my cat who I have lived comfortably with for nine years, it would be like having a newborn in the house? I'm serious. The first few weeks all of you know wasn't easy on the Molly front, but now we are dealing with a serious issue. She won't let us sleep!!!!

C and I have been walking around like zombies all week. Last night was the fifth night in the row of her middle of the night antics.

She sleeps until about 2 or 3 in the morning (and you'd think she would sleep later because from the moment we go home to the minute we go to bed we make sure every 15 min or so that she is roused from her slumber wherever she is in an effort to have her sleep through the night. Then, come the wee hours of the morning, she's on the bed, off the bed, on the nightstand looking out the window, off the nightstand, on the tall chest of drawers trying to jump into the closet, out of the closet and our least favorite of all - scratching at her reflection in the mirror on the dresser! Trust me, it sounds like nails on a chalk board, multiplied of course since we are in a dead sleep. It's awful.

Aside from having to cage her at night so she can give us some peace I'm out of ideas. Does anyone have a solution? Please!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

I'm in

Called Williams-Sonoma this morning - I'll be taking the KitchenAid 101 technique class on Saturday, March 24 - I can't wait!

Good Golly Miss Molly!

Two nights ago, I awoke from a sound sleep to that sound every cat owner is aware of - the beginning sounds of a cat puking. I immediately got her off the bed, out of the master bedroom and out into the hallway before she could do any major damage. C was quite impressed - I always new I had good hearing (eyesight, not so good). Anyway so I pick it up, get the rug cleaner, everything's taken care of and I go back to sleep.

Now anyone who knows Molly knows she wouldn't be herself if she didn't have a repeat performance which she did - at 3 a.m. this morning. Exact same scenario, all cleaned up and back in bed 20 minutes later.

Well this morning C wakes me up as he's getting ready to go to work and pointed out that instead of using carpet cleaner to clean up the mess, I instead grabbed the wrong bottle (anti-bacterial kitchen cleaner) to clean the rug. I had left the bottle in the hallway rather than finding my way all the way back down to the kitchen in the middle of the night. Genious! I can only assume it was because I was half asleep and when I reached into the cabinet under the sink it felt the same as it did the night before. My bad. He did chuckle, and continued on to clean the rug with the correct cleanser before he went to work. Oh man, at least we know there is no bacteria brewing in that spot :-)