Monday, March 24, 2008

Pre-Moving Overload

Maybe it's because we moved to our temporary house piecemeal, or maybe it's because some how the universe allowed me to accumulate WAY too much stuff over the course of 6 months, whatever it is - it's kicking my butt! I spent all day Saturday and all day today (had yesterday off for Easter dinner with the family)packing so everything is ready for the movers first thing Wednesday morning, but man I already packed this much:

And I still feel like I haven't made a dent. I had to right? Worst part, I know for a fact 90 percent of our stuff is in storage. I'm so afraid it's not all going to fit in the new house. Guess it's time to purge again!

Pray for me!

Thursday, March 20, 2008


I’m long overdue for an update and I apologize. We are moving in less than a week and I’m so overwhelmed with what needs to be packed, what needs to be trashed and getting my arse in gear that I fear I’m falling by the wayside. There is also a ton of pressure on us right now at work and because I’ve decide to take next week off to get organized, I have even more to accomplish at my job by week’s end.

On the Molly front I just got off the phone with the vet and the biopsy results are back – my poor little kitty has Inflammatory Bowel Disease – hence the constant puking. She will be put on a steroid (not sure which one yet – my vet wants to be careful since Molly’s still young so she’s thinking about a small does of a synthetic one). I’m just hoping she doesn’t blow up like a Macy’s Day balloon!

And that’s the update. I’d type more but with so much to do I can’t lose a minute!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A Fasting Kitty is Not a Happy Kitty

It's 14 hours until Molly has her endoscopy and 11 hours since she's had anything to eat (the Vet insists she must fast for 24 hours before the procedure) and I swear she just gave me a dirty look - cat style.

C let her eat as much as she could this morning before taking her food away and actually hiding the bag in case she got any kitty caper ideas of ripping it open and fending for herself. Less than 20 minutes later as I was pouring my coffee into my travel mug for the ride to work she looked at me, meowed and starting licking the empty food bowl with the most pathetic look I ever saw.

Thankfully, I was at work for 9 plus hours so I didn't have to have the guilt of watching her do her "I'm starving bitch" routine, but man do I feel guilty now. Every time I open the fridge, even for a drink, she comes running thinking she's getting food (and she doesn't even eat wet food so I'm not quite sure what she's associating the fridge with).

Then I had to hide - literally, in the bathroom so I could eat some chips before dinner - since I haven't eaten since noon and I'm starving. I'm about to put dinner in the oven for C and wonder how I can do that without her thinking I'm depriving her even more. To make matters worse ... we're having chicken!

Oh no!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

House Day 12 & Molly Update

Molly is officially scheduled for her endoscopy Thursday morning at 7:45 a.m. (and I'm still very nervous). My poor kitty - starting tomorrow morning at 7:45 a.m. she can't have any food at all for the entire 24 hours prior to the procedure - although she can have all the water she wants I know she's going to be a VERY unhappy kitty. So I fully intend tonight to make her eat and give her some treats (which I try not to do too often, especially with her regurgitation problem).

On the house front things are good. The last bedroom was painted today - man C is a trooper! And I've started to make some headway on window treatments - although C and I have totally different views on that subject.

However, I did finally find a solution to my sliding door treatments. What do you think of this in a natural color?

Monday, March 10, 2008

House Day 11 - Shoot Me! (updated)

I’m sitting at my desk at work and the phone rings. It’s C. I figured he had a question about window treatments as that was the last conversation we had about an hour prior. I WISH that is what he was calling for.

“Can you Google me the business number for the Wilmington Police Department,” he asks. Why? Well here’s why:

After putting in another 10 + hours in at the house yesterday, he left the new house last night at 9 p.m. got back there early this afternoon only to discover that someone tried to break into our new house. Yep! In a sleepy little suburb some A-hole decided why not? There’s nothing in there. The house is still empty – did they want an appliance? A place to crash? Were they watching us going in and out the past week and thought something was up? So many questions and of course no answers.

What makes it worse is that it, on some level, totally took the shine off the rose of our new house. No one actually made it inside the house, so obviously we have no idea what the motive could have been, but it’s very unsettling to know these things happen and that they are happening and we aren’t even living there yet.

Just some background on the town – has one of the lowest crime statistics in the state. Our neighborhood isn’t off a major highway or any type of location where if someone wanted to make a quick escape they could. They can’t there are too many small winding streets to go down to get in and out.

I’m just stunned. Stunned.

Update: Talked to C. apparently they tried to jimmy open the front door, the slider on the deck and tried to pry open a basement window, but didn't manage to get in. Thank goodness! The police in town were wonderful and sent not only a sargeant and patrolman, but also a detective who dusted for prints and talked to all the neighbors. They seem to think it was someone looking to grab something they could make a quick score on. Tools or something. Thankfully we really don't have anything in the house but paint cans. Now C is on his way to buy another new lock set.

Endoscopy for Miss Molly

As much as I don’t want to do it, Molly has an appointment for an endoscopy on Thursday morning to find out why (oh why?) she throws up all the time. My poor little kitty, I swear it’s so commonplace it doesn’t even affect her (well not as much as it affects C and I). But either way, it’s not a way to live for any of us, let alone Molly and we need to really hunker down and find out what the problem is.

I’m terrified.

While over the past few months, if you’ve been reading this blog, you know I’ve tried every possible solution to the problem and while it’s not nearly as bad as it once was, it still exists and she obviously has a problem.

When we lived alone together – years back before moving to the North side of Boston – she never threw up. Then we moved here and she’s been doing it more and more. I do not believe it’s due to the environment (although I liked to think that for a while). I believe it’s most likely due to a change within her as she’s growing older.

Now back to being terrified. I guess the procedure itself is as simple as it is for you or I. I have to drop her off at the vet for an appointment at 7:45 Thursday morning. She will be under anesthesia, but I’ve been assured the doctor who does this is a pro and has done hundreds of them and that it only takes a half hour start to finish. They will take a look inside her tiny belly and take up to 10 samples (the size of a pencil head) to be sent out for biopsy. They also told me that this test can tell them immediately if there is something seriously wrong with the animal (please pray nothing is seriously wrong with my little girl). She may only be a cat to some, but to me she’s my child.

What we are hoping is that the test shows she has inflammatory bowel disease, which is what the vet thinks it very well could be from the symptoms, and then they can treat her.

In the meantime I’m a complete mess.

New House Day 9 & 10

The new house is really coming along. We got the estimates on the carpets (still waiting on the flooring) but the rooms are starting to be alive and take shape! C painted the front bedroom on Saturday - and I couldn't be more pleased with the color (I hope I feel this way about them all!) Yesterday was the master bedroom project and it looks absolutely beautiful!

And again, every time I walk in the house I fall more and more in love with it!

I'm at work today and C, again, is heading over to the house. Not sure of his plan for today, but an email asking for the paint colors for the hallways/staircases and the "man town" (aka basement) would indicate he's still a painting machine.

As far as window treatments go I decided for now to just go with cordless pleated shades in a cream color for all the windows in the house and go with white wooden ones for the bathrooms. That way we are no longer living in a fishbowl :-)

Until tomorrow ...

Friday, March 07, 2008

New House Day 8

The environmental guy we hired a while back came back out today to check on everything and retest air quality, etc... We also had the rug guy come out to measure for our new carpets. Craig's been working on the ceilings - painting, fixing, etc... I have to work tonight so I'm sure I'll be thinking about all the things I have to get done both at where we are living now and at the new house.

I'm still working on window treatments, but think I have narrowed down my choices and hope to have my final picks by the end of the weekend.

I have my first two jewelry parties this weekend. Really looking forward to that and kicking off my new business. It's so much fun and so easy - I really recommend this to anyone interested in making some super easy side money. Just drop me comment and leave your email address and I'll get in touch with you.

If I don't talk to you later, wishing everyone a great and safe weekend!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

New House Day 7 - Your Help is Needed

Last night I saw the house without the carpets and I have to say everytime I go there I fall in love with it even more. We went back to the carpet store we went to for the last house and ordered the same carpets we had there. They are very neutral (putty colored) so I think they'll look great. We also took home some wood flooring samples to match the upstairs floors for the lower level room. The guy is coming Friday to measure the rugs and another guy on Monday to measure for the new floor.

My next task is window treatments (which I'm hoping is easier than paint colors were). We have two sets of sliders in the new house and since I'm not a fan of vertical blinds I'm trying to come up with curtain and sheer sets to work in those areas.

As for basic window treatments I have a question for you all:

If the rooms are all different colors, but the trim throughout the house (and window frames) is white. Do I have to go with white shades, blinds, etc.. or can I go with an off-white, neutral color? I’m concerned it will pop in a bad way, but maybe not with curtains, etc.. Please let me know your thoughts.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

New House Day 6

All the carpets are removed from the bedrooms, hallways, staircases and in the "man town." And last night I handed over the paint choices list to C so he can take them to the store and get all the paint we need for the house. Thankfully he's allowing me some more time on my decisions for the bathrooms (I'm still at a crossroads there).

Tonight we are going shopping for rugs to replace all the carpeting in the house and to find a laminate wood floor for the "man town" that will match the hardwoods currently on the main floor of our house.

I purchased a new duvet set for our bedroom - it's bluish because I'm doing the bedroom in blues and browns. And today I found a really pretty yellow set to go in one of our spare bedrooms (the one with the double bed). One more bedroom to go and then I'll have all the color schemes for decorating for all the bedrooms. Whoo hoo!!

I'll have another update tomorrow but for now things are moving along quite nicely and I'm getting more and more excited everyday!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Final Color Palette

It took a while but I finally have my color palette all set to go for the entire house. (with the exception of the two bathrooms - I have to narrow it down from 2 to 4 I really like)

Here is what we decided: (note: unless your computer monitor is calibrated, when you click on the links to colors they may not appear as they actually are)

I walked away from doing a cranberry tone in the dining room and kitchen. The reason is actually easy, while the room is large enough to support a deep cranberry or brick, after lots of discussions with designers and friends, I came to the conclusion it wouldn't work well with the dark wood I want in my over sized dining room table. So, for the dining room and kitchen I'm doing Benjamin Moore's Saybrook Sage. I love it!

The living room is going to be Benjamin Moore's Concord Ivory.

I'm keeping all the hallways and staircases, top to bottom, the same color: Benjamin Moore's Philadelphia Cream.

Our master bedroom will be the same color as it was in the old house: Benjamin Moore's Tyler Taupe. You can see what it looked like on the walls at the old house here.

I decided rather than do specific colors in the other two bedrooms, I would use a shade of color as the rooms are not super small but not very large either. Therefore the back bedroom will be Benjamin Moore's Lemon Chiffon. (you'll have to scroll down on the page to find this one). And the other room will be Benjamin Moore's Silken Pine.

As for the basement (aka "man town") I've decided to walk away from my original idea of a burnt orange and am now going with Benjamin Moore's Light Khaki.

The bathrooms, as I said earlier, are still in limbo though I know for sure one will definitely be Benjamin Moore's Bleeker Beige. I'm also in love with Providence Olive - anyone think this would be too dark? The other two choices I'm batting around (and have to settle on by day's end) are Elmira White and Sag Harbor Gray.

That's today's update! Please let me know your thoughts - I'd love to hear what you think!

New House Day 5

So it's officially our fifth day of home ownership of the new house and progress is certainly being made. C spent the majority of the day at the house yesterday doing some repairs to the furnace (he's so technologically savvy I'm jealous!) and replacing thermostats. Today it's rug removal day for the upstairs, basement and staircases. It's coming together and each new day brings more excitement as we are soon to be living in our new home and with spring on the horizon it makes it even nicer!