Sunday, December 28, 2008

God Bless You Nana

It has been a very bittersweet year for us. While we are still struggling with my Daisy girl - who has her good days and her bad days, we had a major loss in our family the week before Christmas. My grandmother passed away just a month after her 99th birthday.

It was quick - she was in the hospital about a week after falling and catching pneumonia. It happened so fast it's like time stood still.

She was the matriarch of our family. I've never known anyone like her. She was the definition of the word life and she lived it to the fullest and always on her own terms. And she has left a hole in our lives that can never be filled. I know I'm lucky to have had her in my life all these years, yet for some reason I never expected her not to be here. It was a tough loss for all of us and frankly I took it harder than I ever expected to. I was lucky to know her not just as a grandmother but as something more thanks to recent years I lived with her.

I'll never forget how she loved to see my family, spend time with my nephew and how she'd get all dressed up and look forward to my annual Christmas parties (she insisted when I moved there that I continue my tradition). I thank all of my friends who have shared their memories of her with all the times they spent with her. It helps me smile through all this.

Those of you who knew her know how much she loved champagne and how every family gathering began with a glass or two. I have always thought of her every time we have some when she's not with us. Now even more so. Thanks to the many of you who remembered sharing a toast with her and enjoying her stories and love of life. You were blessed to have known her.

I gave the eulogy at her funeral a week ago yesterday. I wanted to do it, then thought I couldn't do it but with some courage instilled in me from my mother I know I did her the justice she deserved and she would have been proud. The sad part was knowing that when I was done, Nana wouldn't be sitting in the pew next to me as she often was at family member's services, asking me if she could have a copy of what I wrote. At one point during the services, my two-and-a-half year old nephew (who is wise beyond his years) tapped me on the shoulder, handed me his blanket and said "here Auntie Liz, take my blanket, it will make you feel better." His sweetness and empathy beyond his years was something I'll never forget.

Christmas was her favorite time of year, which made it more bittersweet. It was a tough one to say the least, but I have so many memories of Nana and the wonderful holidays she hosted the majority of my life that she will live on with all the traditions for as long as I am here on this earth.

God Bless you Nana. You will be sorely missed. I love you.


Tracey said...

Oh honey... I'm sorry. It doesn't matter how old someone is, if they're loved that much, they are always sorely missed. I am happy that you got so many years with her, and that she lived such a good life.


My Wombinations said...

beautiful post. I am so sorry about your Nana.

Nikki H. said...

That was so nice, Liz. I hope you're doing ok. I miss you and wine club, and it sounds like you could use some quality nikki/liz time. :-)

Love ya!!!

Kristi said...

Oh, Liz. I am SO sorry for your loss. Your grandma sounds like she was an incredible human being.

ThePapaDog said...

Just as long as you don't forget the traditions on the counter...

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