Wednesday, December 03, 2008

A Prayer for My Daisy Girl

Fourteen years ago I brought you home as a Christmas gift for the entire family, at the time we had no idea you would become the best gift any family could ever wish for. (Although we’ve dubbed you the gift that keeps on giving many times). You have brought more joy into our lives than anyone or anything I have ever known. Your love to cuddle, give kisses and just to be with us at all times is something I can’t imagine being without. Daisy you are the definition of unconditional love. A love I can’t imagine not having for the rest of my life.

Over the years you never failed to welcome us home, give a whimper when we had to run out or be there to jump in our laps and make us feel better when we've had a bad day or cuddle up next to us at night with the warmth of your body at our side. Now that your hearing isn't what it used to be, we don't get the amazing greetings we used to, but once you realize we're home it's like time stopped - you may be growing older but you are still the lovable puppy you were when we first met you.

You have had the best life of any dog I have ever known. You never lacked for love, affection, food, medical attention, walks, treats, toys … the list goes on and on. I’ve always joked that in my next life I would come back as you, Daisy, and it still stands to do. You’ve lived a very charmed life and you deserved all of it.

For weeks since you’ve been sick a day, a moment an hour doesn’t go by when my eyes don’t well up with tears imagining that someday you’re going to have to leave us all behind. Years ago we thought we lost you – but your tenacity and strength pulled you through it and you surprised us all, including Dr. Kaye. We were blessed with additional years we never expected, but that doesn’t make you growing older any less difficult for us all.

At 14, despite the chronic cough you’ve been battling the past few weeks, you still have the sprite of a young puppy and that beautiful little face that hasn’t changed since I brought you home when you were only four months old.

Today Daisy’s spending the day at the vet in the hopes they can help her. The antibiotics she’s been taking for the past 11 days have not helped, nor have the efforts of my parents who many times daily have taken her in the bathroom to sit in the steam to help clear up the congestion.

We should know sometime this afternoon what the prognosis is, and I’m hoping with all my might we may all have one last Christmas with our holiday angel.

I love you so much my beautiful baby girl and I hope and pray you can be helped.


My Wombinations said...

Keep us posted. So sad.

ThePapaDog said...

You made me sad!

furiousBall said...

oh boy, i HATE hearing about a pup not doing so good. best wishes amiga.

Editorgirl said...

Thanks S - I will.
PapaDog I'm sorry but I'm so sad.
furiousBall - thanks for your wishes - hopefully they work!

Nicole said...

Oh god Liz ... I'm so sorry. And me going on about getting a dog. I feel like such a heel.

I"ll pray for little Daisy!!! :-(

Tracey said...

I'm so sorry... Hope she's comfortable and being helped...